With Patti Davidson-Gorbea




Serious Teen Camera Acting classes taught by Patti Davidson-Gorbea

Summer camp runs Monday - Friday, June 18th - 29th, 2018 12:30 - 3:30 PM.


Cost $350


Ms. Davidson-Gorbea describes her class as follows:


I teach based on a combination of the Meisner Technique and Keith Flippen's teachings, which bring a very naturalistic approach to acting for both stage and screen.  It is a serious class and the students will do the same exercises an adult class would do.  The technique is based on observing and reacting to the other actor(s) in the scene, as well as the world in which the character lives.  


With Meisner technique we deal with the character's feelings, which also means the actor's feelings about his observations and about being observed.  Students are guided to observe each other’s behavior and to try to understand and identify the feeling(s) behind that behavior.  Eventually the observations/reactions are given from the actor’s emotional point of view. This then propels the "dialogue" in the exercises.  


It is not therapy, although acting often ends up being therapeutic by its very nature of living in someone else's skin.  I, personally, have found that the study of this technique has made me better at reading people in "real life." 


I also have found that even reticent kids do fine with this and grow, at least a little and usually a lot.  Again, it is not dumbed-down technique.  It is the same things done in the adult classes at The Actors' Place, but without the adult language, nor adult scene situations.   


Students will be given at least one scene to memorize and prepare for performance/filming.  I hire a director of photography for the filming.


I expect students to take this seriously, come to every class, and to be able to take responsibility for their at-home preparation, both for regular class sessions and the performance/filming sessions.  


Dress code is shirts/tops that cover and that are comfortable, no very short shorts nor skirts, and pants must be worn at the regular waistline; no strong colognes/perfumes.  No offensive nor inappropriate language will be tolerated.


Minimum: 6 students

Contact Ms. Davidson-Gorbea at for more information or to register your young actor.