Voiceover Acting Technique Workshop

This three day workshop will cover the foundations of healthy voice, delivery of ad copy, and the six different families of copy generally used in voiceover, and the technology for home audio recording and audition submission.  There will be no reel produced at the end this class as it will be focused on technique rather than production.



Many actors overlook the money to be made in voiceovers.  This three day class covers working on and with the microphone as well as the delivery of six different styles of voiceover copy.  Throughout the process, students work in our sound booth and learn how to market themselves and seek out voiceover work.

Class is from 7-10 PM on Friday, June 15th,

from 9 AM-4 PM on Saturday June 16th,

and from Noon-3 on Sunday June 17th.

$250 Total Cost due at start of workshop.


To register, send your contact information to and put "Voiceover Workshop" in the subject line.