Frances Owens
Advanced Actor  



Frances is an actor in the Advanced Acting Scene Study Class.

A little about me, I have known for about 4 years now that I have wanted to be a Voiceover Artist.  In all actuality the desire to use my voice has always held a place in my heart and mind.  When I took a course in Oral Communication I found it fascinating the way one communicates completely.  I was assigned to do a project on a form of communicating; I ran across a website about Voiceover and my immediate thought was I want to do that.  The night I presented my paper the teacher leaned over and pretended she was turning a knob and said “you sound like you should be on radio/television”.  It was from that moment of looking on at that website I began my journey to find out how to do Voiceover.  The journey was hard to find someone who could train me here in Virginia Beach, but thankfully I was given the name Keith Flippen.  I began to work one on one with him and started taking acting lessons as well.  I remain on my journey and Keith is still a part of that journey.  I want to use my voice in every facet; now don’t get me wrong I want to be in front of the camera as well.  I want to put all I have learned and will continue to learn to use, but the ultimate is to be behind that mic and let go.  I want to bring life to every word that I speak, “Thy Will Be Done” –