Tom Logan Seminars and Workshops
June 6-8   Beginning and Advanced Actors    

Tom Logan, the author of "Acting in the Million Dollar Minute" and "How to Act and Eat at the Same TIme", is returning to The Actors' Place in Virginia Beach June 6-8!! Starting Friday night, Mr. Logan will teach his Lecture, Two-Day Audition Workshop and Sunday Master Class. This is your chance to spend time learning from an inspirational and experienced actor, director, writer, and acting coach. For more information about Tom Logan go to  Space is limited so reserve your space by calling 757-425-2025 or sending an email to

FRIDAY June 6, 7-9PM
$30 ($10 Deposit)
Mr. Logan gives his inspiring lecture based on his book "How to Act and Eat at the Same Time." Always with an eye on craft, Tom Logan shares with actors valuable information on how to work and succeed in the film business.


FRIDAY June 6, 9-11PM
$275 ($100 Deposit)
Students get a total of 12 hours of intensive work on audition technique with Tom Logan. Using copy, cameras, and drawing from his extensive experience, Mr. Logan gives actors the techniques and confidence to walk into any audition feeling ready to take the role. The Friday Lecture is part of this class and is FREE if enrolled in the Audition Workshop.


$250.00 ($100 Deposit)
Students who have taken Tom's ADVANCED Workshop (OFFERED ON PREVIOUS VISITS AND IN OTHER LOCATIONS) will have the opportunity to move into challenging new territory where Mr. Logan explores more intricacies of working on set. First, you'll review some skills from the advanced workshop then proceed into even greater depth of scene blocking, matching shots, adjusting for close-ups (vs. Master shots) and, if time permits, cue card work.  This is a perfect way to round out your Thom Logan training.

To reserve a place in classes, a deposit is due at the time of the reservation with the balance due by June 1st. E-mail to reserve your space and arrange payment. 

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